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Pilates studio Chelsea Quebec. Exercises for back pain and posture.
Pilates studio offering private, semi-private training and online. Pilates is good for helping back pain, increase flexibility and strength, improve posture. Equipment available reformer, step barrel, avalon, cadillac, spine corrector.

With over 500 different exercises, Pilates can be taught using a mat or on specialized equipment. At CORPSPilates you will get to experience some large equipment such as the Reformer and 1/2 Cadillac which can add a variety and challenge to your workout as well as offer support when needed. In addition to these machines, smaller pieces of equipment such as the Fitness Circle, Step Barrel, ankle weights, bands, toning balls and resistance tubing are all incorporated in different workouts depending on the needs of various clients.


The Reformer: This beautifully crafted piece of equipment is a great way to experience a different dimension of your Pilates training. Although it may look intimidating, you will fall in love with it in no time. The moving carriage of the reformer will challenge body awareness and improve strength along with flexibility. It requires practice and focus.


Pilates Fit: Enjoy a dynamic routine using the resistance tubing anchored to a wall or door (for those clients who participate online). Movements include many already seen in both reformer and mat training. The routine is fast and the workout is intense! You will walk out feeling that you have worked the muscles of your arms, legs and back, balancing the whole body as any Pilates workout should.

What's New...

If you have already started enjoying the benefits of Pilates here at my studio, it is now time to take advantage of the referral program. Refer a friend or family member who signs up for a package of ten private classes and receive 1 free private training for yourself! There is no limit to how many people you can refer. Share the benefits and get rewarded too.