"Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work".


Joseph Pilates

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Corps Pilates is relatively new to the beautiful town of Chelsea, Québec. It's teacher, Francesca however is by no means new to the teachings of Pilates. Having previously owned a studio for 7.5 years in Rosemère and selling it in February 2014 she is taking no break from her passion of Pilates and looks forward to teaching you. 

"I chose Corps Pilates after investigating a few other Pilate’s programs. Francesca immediately made me feel comfortable and understood my needs right from the first class. After only a few short months, I felt a tremendous difference in my body – increased strength and flexibility, improved posture, and my clothes fit better. The instructors keep a close eye on each client and manage to customize even group classes around individual needs. All of the instructors are passionate about teaching, and clearly knowledgeable about the Pilates method, which makes each class both fun and productive. Francesca's warmth, humour, and approach to life create the perfect atmosphere for improving both body and mind."


Jackie Bourret

Rosemère, QC

"I have had the opportunity to find a Pilates instructor like Francesca, when I was looking for help for my back problems, due partly to the aging process, but also to the fact that I worked for many years taking care of people with physical handicaps. Francesca is an excellent teacher with a good knowledge of various physical ailments needing exercise therapy. She constantly works at getting to know how she can better help each of her students with their particular problems. She is professional and competent, yet kind and considerate of their needs. The calm and peaceful atmosphere in her class is therapy for both mind and body. I wish her all the best in her career."
Pierrefonds, QC
"Since I joined Corps Pilates a little over five years ago, I have seen changes in my body where I didn't think it was possible. About 15 years ago, I underwent a discotomy, which left me with fear to do anything involving my back which, as a result, grew weaker. Francesca’s patient teaching and experience has enabled me to get much stronger. For me, Pilates has become a must and I am very thankful to have come across such a good teacher."
Rosemère, QC

I started Pilates almost a year ago and it has brought amazing and positive benefits to my overall health. I challenged myself to start a new fitness activity and Francesca welcomed me to her studio and made learning easy. Her attentive teaching technique is spot on. The pace is tailored perfectly. Even my husband's curiosity was piqued and now joins me for semi private classes. I always leave with a sense of having done something good for the mind, body and spirit.


Chelsea, QC

I have been learning this past year that it is what I can do that is important. Thank you Francesca and to your loving "adapted" Pilates class.


Verdun, QC

"Constantly innovating, Corps

Pilates provides you with a dynamic and professional team who takes the time to pay special attention to the precise needs of each and everyone of their customers. They were able to develop a practice of Pilates which, even when performed in a group, is personalized to the needs of all of their customers. I strongly recommend this establishment."

Mélany Renaud

Blainville, QC

"Corps Pilates in Rosemère has been such a positive influence in my life. It has changed my life in many ways. It has strengthened and toned every muscle in my body. It has helped my posture and my balance. It has also increased my concentration, as well as my self-esteem and confidence. I look forward to my class every week. I leave every Pilates class felling strong and confident. I am always encouraging people to try Pilates, because I truly believe that it can change your life. It changed mine!"


Jennifer Lacourse

Two-Mountains, QC

"I just wanted to say how excellent you are and how much you helped me over the period we trained.  I  enjoyed your classes tremendously. You were always able to bring enthusiasm to the class and a degree of attention, knowledge and variation in the repertoire which were things that I appreciated so much. 


It has been a pleasure meeting you and working my body with you."



Ottawa, On