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Private Sessions
These sessions are designed to focus and build on your individual strengths and needs. During these one on one trainings, various pieces of equipment will be used.


$   65 for a single session

$ 310 for 5 sessions (62$/class)

$ 600 for 10 sessions


Taxes included. We only accept cash at this time.


Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private, semi-private or group classes.

Semi-Private Sessions
Do you enjoy training with a buddy? If so, the dynamic environment of a semi-private session is for you. Modifications will be made according to each of your strengths and weaknesses. Students are responsible to find their own workout partner.


$38/per person for a single session

$35/per person for 5 sessions
$32/per person for 10 sessions

Taxes included. We only accept cash at this time.

Online Private Sessions & Group Classes
Enjoy being trained in the privacy of your own home with private sessions or through online classes taught to you via Skype.
Prices available upon request.
Call now for your first session.

Cancellation Policy


To avoid being charged for cancellations, clients must provide 24-hours’ notice. Late cancellations will be charged 1/2 price. We appreciate that unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from attending your session. However, this policy is vital for the good functioning of the studio as space is limited.

What to expect at your first class


Your first visit to the studio is designed to give you a taste of the BASI Pilates method. You will get to experience the beautiful piece of equipment known as the Reformer and be given the chance to connect to your body through breathing. It is a time to learn about your needs, expectations and goals. Through a few exercises your body begins to tell a story and we can see how you move and at what level you are starting. This is an opportunity for you to see how private or semi-private sessions can be taught and how you will be guided through the exercises. Please dress in comfortable and form-fitting workout clothing to allow for better assessment of posture and movement. Socks are mandatory. Remember we only accept cash.