"Pilates est conçu pour vous donner une souplesse, une grâce naturelle et des compétences qui se reflètent sans équivoque dans votre façon de marcher, de la façon dont vous jouez et de la façon dont vous travaillez".


Joseph Pilates

Pour un rendez-vous:
6 1 3 - 7 6 2 - 4 1 6 6

Référez un ami qui inscris pour un forfait de 10 classes privées et recevez une séance privée gratuite pour vous-même.

Le Studio


With over 500 different exercises, Pilates can be taught using a mat or on specialized equipment. At PILATESChelsea you will get to experience several pieces of large equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac and Avalon as well as adding variety and challenge to your workout by using smaller pieces of equipment such as the Fitness Circle, Step Barrel, ankle weights, bands and toning balls.


The Reformer: This beautifully crafted piece of equipment is a great way to experience a different dimension of your Pilates training. Although it may look intimidating, you will fall in love with it in no time. The moving carriage of the reformer will challenge body awareness and improve strength along with flexibility. It requires practice and focus.


Pilates Stick: Enjoy a dynamic routine using the Pilates stick. Movements include many already seen in both reformer and mat training. The routine is fast and the workout is intense! You will walk out feeling that you have worked the muscles of your arms, legs and back, balancing the whole body as any Pilates workout should.

What's New...

During the month of June, anyone who signs up for a package of ten private classes will receive a free gift while supplies last. This gift will not only help you feel more connected during your Pilates session, but will also be a treat for your feet. You will receive a pair of toe sox!! These socks were designed to give each toe it's own unique identity and forces the muscles of your feet to work harder as they were intended to do.



Chelsea, Québec
Tel: 6 1 3 - 7 6 2 - 4 1 6 6

By appointment only.


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